The Ph.D. colloquium is meant to help Ph.D./ Doctoral candidates specialized in Management of Technology selecting the research topic, develop the research proposals, and  administering the research.

Ten Ph.D. students will be selected to present their research activities. Other students and faculty advisors may attend the session and benefit from the debate.

Each of the students will present his/her research activities for 30 minutes. Discussion with the scientific board and attendees will be conducted. The discussion will be directed toward the research topic, definition of the problem, the research methodology, and the contribution to the literature. Emphasis will be put on the expectation, the methodology and the proper conduct of the research rather than about the results of specific research. Moreover the scientific board will identify opportunities for publication in international reviews.  The forum should benefit all Ph.D. and doctoral candidates from all disciplines.

Iamot will reward the best five students by a monetary compensation of $100 each.

Scientific board:

  • Dr. Laure Morel, Professor of Industrial Engineering, Université de Lorraine, ERPI Lab, France.
  • Dr. Leon Pretorius, Professor at Graduate School of Technology Management, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Dr. Breno Nunes, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
  • Dr. Marianne Horlesberger, Austrian Institute of Technology – Austria.

Ph.D. / Doctoral Candidates who wish their research be considered for presentation and discussion are invited to submit the following to:

Dr. Laure Morel, [email protected]

  1. Extended  Research Proposal  (maximum of 8 pages)
  2. Statement/ recommendation from the academic advisor

Pay attention that the extended research proposal is different than a submitted paper to the conference.


1st December 2017 - Submission deadline
31st December 2017 -  Notification of the results